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Hants Financial Services is one of a diverse group of companies providing quality products and services in Atlantic Canada.

We have been in business for over 40 years. Our President Larry Matthews DAC, AMP is a licensed mortgage broker, a designated commercial appraiser and member of the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, and a licensed Real Estate Broker and member of the Canadian Real Estate Association. He is a member of the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors and the Nova Scotia Real Estate Appraisal Association.

Our goal over the years has been to provide our customers with the best possible service at the most competitive price. Our knowledge of the Real Estate industry and small business achievement is something we pass onto our customers to help them achieve success in their own life endeavors.

Our Nova Scotia Mortgage Brokers License number is #18375140 and Hants Financial Services is a division of Hants Realty Limited. As licensed mortgage brokers we are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers with their financial needs both personal and business. 40 years is a long time and we’ve learned a lot about financing real estate. We offer a free consultation and work evenings and weekends so we can be available at your convenience.

We Are Here to Help

Our firm has received certificates of accomplishment from the Canadian Real Estate Association for 25 years of continuous ethical service and from the Municipality of East Hants for providing quality service to our residents. Through the Internet and today’s technology we are able to expand that service online to all the Atlantic provinces.

You can apply online and know you are dealing with a company you can trust. Let us help you improve your life today!

Why use Hants Financial Services?

That’s a good question, why should you use a mortgage brokerage service?

There are lots of choices and many people have a great relationship with their own lender. Basically the devil you know is better than the one you don’t!

Most Canadians are presently dealing with one of the big banks, in many cases the same bank their parents dealt with. When that bank turns you down for a mortgage you assume you didn’t qualify. That may not be the case; in actuality your application may not fit the criteria of that particular lender but would fit another lender’s criteria.

Along with being licensed mortgage brokers we are also licensed appraisers and Real Estate brokers; we see the Real Estate industry from a more complete perspective than a traditional lender at a traditional bank.

The lender can only utilize the products and guidelines set out by his or her employer.

Here is an interesting example:

One of the large banks will only do a residential mortgage on a house with one garage and a maximum of 5 acres.

If the property you are purchasing has a house, garage, small barn and 50 acres; that property does not fit that banks criteria.

That lender does not have the latitude or ability to finance that property. Your application is declined. Not because of you but because the property did not fit that particular lender’s criteria.

Could we arrange financing on that property? The answer is yes. One of our lenders specializes in just that type of property.

We have over 40 lenders, all with different lending criteria, we match your circumstances up with the best lender for your particular circumstances or transaction.

Another important reason to use a mortgage brokerage service is that your credit worthiness is directly related to your Beacon score. Your Beacon score is determined by your past credit history.

Every time there is an inquiry about you your Beacon score is lowered, so each time you apply for a loan or mortgage your score goes down & your credit worthiness is affected! Most people do not realize this! By applying through Hants Financial Services we can shop the 40 lenders we use with only one credit inquiry! Thus maintaining a higher Beacon score and preserving that good credit rating you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Think about this! At mortgage renewal time lenders send you out a form to renew your mortgage at the existing posted rate. Most people just check the appropriate box and mail it back not knowing they could have shopped for a better rate or perhaps negotiated for a better rate.

1% on a $100,000 mortgage is $1,000; with a 5 year term that’s a savings of $5,000 in interest over 5 years. At renewal time you can pay your mortgage off without penalty. It pays to shop!

Most lenders take your loyalty for granted and most won’t offer their best rates unless they know they’re competing.

Don’t let your business be taken for granted! Give us a call at renewal time! 1-866-584-1444.

Last but not least is service! Our mortgage representatives are real people who you can talk to if you have a problem. We can call you at home after work. At Hants Financial Services there is no such thing as ‘banking hours’; our goal is to become your personal mortgage consultants. We all carry cellular phones and you can call us anytime including evenings and weekends. Also remember our service to you is FREE.

That’s right, there is no cost to you; we are paid by the lender. How can you go wrong?

To Summarize:

  • The service is FREE.
  • Available evenings & weekends
  • Over 40 lenders to shop from (better chance of approval)
  • We protect your credit rating with only one credit inquiry
  • Better chance of a lower interest rate because lenders know they are competing.

In closing, even the banks realize the benefits and growing influence of mortgage brokers as our markets include Scotiabank, CIBC, TD Canada Trust, Bank of Montreal, ING, etc.

Contact Hants Financial Services now by applying online or feel free to call or toll free at 1-866-584-1444.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Real Estate Professionals

Through our parent company Hants Realty Limited we have connections with the top realtors throughout the Atlantic provinces. We offer a FREE Realtor locating service to our Hants Financial Services customers.

We do all the home work for you. That’s right, we can refer you to the best realtor in your local area!

All of our referral partners are full time successful Realtors in your area. All agree to our high standards of professional service and are proven performers in your local market. We can make the arrangements and put you in touch with someone you can trust to look after your best interests.

Buying OR selling, there is no charge for this service; our Realtor partners pay us a referral and keep us informed as to the circumstances surrounding your purchase or sale. As our customers you also have access to free advice via email through the whole process.

This service is especially helpful for first-time buyers or investment property buyers. Advice backed by over 30 years of expertise in listing, selling, appraising and financing Real Estate.

Many of our customers have found this service to be one of the most helpful things we offer. Ask your Hants Financial Representative to have one of our professional Realtor referral coordinators contact you today!

Larry Matthews Real Estate Appraisals

Nova Scotia Real Estate appraisal experts with over 40 years experience. Accurate, affordable, dependable and members of NSREAA #901078 and CNAREA # 0046-14. We cover all of Main land Nova Scotia from Amherst to Yarmouth and all points in between. Our expertise includes residential single family and multiple units. Commercial and Industrial, Agricultural and more. Our customers include Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, CIBC, Nationwide Appraisal Services, Solidifi, League Savings and Mortgage, East Coast Credit Union, Credit Union Atlantic, Carruthers, MacDonell and Robson, Patterson Law, Boyne Clark and Genworth Financial.

Employment Opportunity

We are looking for self-motivated individuals to represent Hants Financial Services throughout Nova Scotia. This is an exciting opportunity in a dynamic growth industry. You must be highly motivated and enjoy people. You must be of good character, have a good work ethic and be able to work with minimal supervision.

Unlimited Income Potential!

You can send us your Resume by email at larry@easthants.com or by Fax at (902) 639-1391. ATTN: Larry Matthews , DAC. President/Broker Hants Financial Services.

Office Locations

Stewiacke Office
44 Main Street West
Stewiacke, NS B0N 2J0
Phone: (902) 639-1671
Fax: (902) 639-1391

Elmsdale Office
736 NS 2
Elmsdale, NS B2S 2G3
Phone: (902) 883-2287
Fax: (902) 883-1286

Shubenacadie Office
2830 NS 2
Phone (902) 758-3366
Fax (902) 758-3327

Or Call us Toll-Free
+1 (866) 584-1444

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